Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Corncob Painting

Materials Needed:
Corncobs: Cooked or uncooked, but not already eaten!
Tempera paint: In all colors.
Paper plates: Otherwise known as "the artist's palette."
Artist: Your kid.
Newspaper or a plastic tablecloth: Unless you want a multi-colored dining room table.
Paper: Big sheets of butcher paper are great, and so are cut-up paper bags!

Get a bunch of corn and have your kid help you shuck it. If you're having some for dinner, feel free to cook it up, otherwise, uncooked corn works just fine.

Prepare the work space by laying out newspaper or a plastic table cloth. (Be prepared, this project is very messy, so hide your upholstered dining room chairs!)

Pour the paint onto paper plates. One color per plate.

Lay out the paper.

Have your kid roll the cobs into the paint and then get him to rub the paint into the kernels with his fingers.

Next have him roll, press and smear the paint onto the paper with the cobs to create a cool abstract mural.

Let the painting dry and then hang it up in your kid's room. Next time he wakes up at 5 AM, he can admire his art instead of waking you!

This idea was adapted from Parents Connect

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