Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hallloween Treat Bags


Lunch bags: Brown, white or colored.
Hole punch
White glue or a glue gun with glue sticks: Kids and hot glue don't mix, so make sure you do all the gluing!
Craft foam: In Halloween-y colors like orange, black, green and purple. Or use precut foam Halloween shapes.
Googly eyes
Rafia or ribbon: In Halloween colors.
Embellishments: Glitter glue, craft foam letters, shapes, rhinestones, etc.
Halloween treats

Bust out your craft foam or your craft foam shapes and put your kid to work assembling a Halloween-themed face to go on his bag.

If he plans to cut out his own faces, help him measure a piece of craft foam as wide as his paper bag and half as tall.

Have him draw the outline of the face he chooses: jack-o-lantern, pirate, witch, skeleton, Frankenstein, etc. He can get inspiration online! Help him cut it out.

Once the face shape is done (either cut out or pulled, precut, out of the package!), have your kid use more craft foam to put facial features on his face. He can cut out a big crooked witch nose, creepy Herman Munster hair or jack-o-lantern teeth.

Have him glue the features onto the face. While he's at it, have him glue on googly eyes if he wants to.

Next, hand him the markers and let him go to town adding smaller details (like the wart on the witch's nose).

Once the face is completely assembled, have your kid glue it on to the front of his lunch bag—leaving three inches at the top to fold down.

Then, help him glue craft foam letters onto his bag to spell his name or the names of his friends. (Remember to leave three inches at the top of the paper bag!)

Have your kid add some embellishments to the bag like rhinestones, spiders, foam Halloween treats and gold dubloons for a pirate face. Or he can just use glitter glue to make it boo-tiful!

When the bag is completely decorated, let your kid fill it up with Halloween treats.

Fold over the top of the bag one inch and use the hole punch to punch two holes through the top, two inches apart.

Finally, help your kid thread the rafia or Halloween ribbon through the holes and tie them into a bow in the front.

Let your kid run off to give the treat bags to his friends while you "clean up" any leftover Halloween candy.

Adapted from Parents Connect

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