Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paper Autumn Leaf Magnet

Materials Needed:
Cardstock or heavyweight paper: The back of a cereal box will do.
Fall leaves: The more variety the better.
Tissue paper: Yellow, green, brown, orange and red.
White glue
Paper plate
Magnetic tape

Get outside and into the fresh air with your kids and hunt down some autumn leaves in different shapes and colors.

Head back inside and have your kid place one of the leaves on a piece of cardstock.

Help him trace around the leaf with a marker.

Then, have your kid carefully cut out the leaf form with scissors.

Repeat the process with several different shapes of leaves for variety.

Next, have your kid pour a big glob of glue onto the paper plate.

Have our kid cut or tear the tissue paper into a bunch of approximately two-inch squares.

When he's finished, it's time to cover the leaves in tissue paper.

You can have your kid crumple each square into a tiny ball, spitball-style (yuck!). Then, when he's got a bunch of tissue-paper balls, he can dip them, one at a time, into the glue and attach them to his leaf cut-out.

Alternately, he can wrap the squares, one at a time, around the end of a pencil and dip that into the glue and then stick it onto the cardstock.

He should continue gluing until the entire leaf cutout is covered. He can use one color per leaf or two or three different colors of tissue paper to make the leaf look more authentic.

When all the leaves are covered, set them aside to dry.

When the glue is dry, attach a small piece of magnetic tape to the back of the fall leaf and hang it on the fridge for a festive Thanksgiving.

This idea was adapted from Parents Connect

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