Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game: Easter Bunny Kisses

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While bunnies are widely admired for their cute little noses, their lips don't seem to be mentioned much.

So when it comes time for bunnies to kiss, we believe they put their noses into action. All a bunny has to do to give a nice kiss is twitch a bunny-nose back and forth against another bunny's cheek.

Kids can easily duplicate a bunny kiss. One really doesn't need a specific reason to bunny kiss a family member, but here's a fun Easter-themed, bunny-kissing game for you. (It was the perfect diversion the other day when we were waiting, and my kids started to grow restless.)

Here's how to play:

Start off by announcing, "Anyone wearing black will now get a bunny kiss." Make sure to follow this announcement by bunny-kissing any child wearing black. Then the kids get a chance to pick the color that will warrant a bunny kiss from them.

(Even though it created a little rowdiness and one possibly disapproving stare, our family did have a lot of fun the other day.)

You can also introduce some vocabulary words and learning into this activity. Instead of doling out kisses based on color, you can use the words: plaid, gingham, and stripes. For older kids, you can teach other concepts: "If your age is the same as two times four, you're up for a B.K." or "If you can't name the capital city of Oklahoma before I count to ten, you're getting bunny kissed!"

We hope your family has a fun, festive weekend. (And one more thought: if any child has an noticeably runny nose, you might want to wear an apron or smock while playing this bunny-kissing game!)

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